01. He [twisted] his ankle playing soccer, and couldn't walk for a couple of days.
02. She always [twists] the truth so that I sound really bad, and she sounds good.
03. The river [twists] through the woods, and out over the plain.
04. Vicky [twisted] the handles of her purse in nervousness.
05. The bully [twisted] the little boy's arm behind his back, and demanded he give him his lunch money.
06. Nelson couldn't open the jar, but his brother was able to do it with a single [twist].
07. The road leading up the mountain [twists] and turns around a number of dangerous corners.
08. Jong-Seok [twisted] a napkin into the shape of a flower, complete with leaf, bud and stem, and presented it to Sakiko with a smile.
09. The movie has a number of interesting [twists] in the plot, and an ending guaranteed to surprise everyone.
10. The hanged man swung at the end of the rope, slowly [twisting] in the wind.
11. The structure of DNA resembles a long, [twisted] ladder.
12. Narrow, [twisting] paths snake through Afghanistan's rugged landscape.
13. There is an Irish proverb which notes that when a twig grows hard it is difficult to [twist] it. Every beginning is weak.
14. Mexican artist Frida Kahlo suffered from polio as a child, a disease which [twisted] her foot and made her right leg shorter than her left.
15. During a tour of Kenya, every [twist] in the road brings fresh astonishment to the visitor.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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